LOG #001

Today they brought in another frog. I couldn't possibly know where they keep coming from. This one had various limbs removed, along the head.
As usual, there was no signs of a cut. The skin was completely smooth. We're assuming there was never a limb there in the first place.

They had me sketch out the frog for later reference, as we will be releasing it back into the wild once we're finished.


Though, I do think it's somewhat odd. From what I can tell, the creature doesn't have a brain. In fact, I'm unable to find any sort of nerves. I'm unsure of how it can even think and move around. Hm.
I'll take a closer look at that later.

On a more personal note, I'm planning on asking her to have coffee with me sometime today. She sat and talked with me at lunch. It was nice. Her hair is beautiful, a lovely auburn color. Anyways. I'm rambling.
I pray to God that Dr. Kennedy doesn't read these logs! :-)